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G2 Programs

G2 Wrestling

G2 Developmental Wrestling - 1 practice per week
Practices are geared toward beginner wrestlers learning the fundamentals of folkstyle wrestling. This program provides the optimal environment to help wrestlers learn the techniques to gain a competitive edge for next season. **1st year wrestlers must complete  G2 Preseason and be deemed coachable to be eligible to join the IKWF Competitive G2 Wrestling Team.
All ages welcome.
Practice: Monday 715pm to 815pm
Dates: TBD Sept - Nov
Program Cost: $150
Drop in: $80 per month
G2 8th Grade and Under Wrestling - 2 practices per week
Practices are designed for competitive wrestlers with 2+ years of wrestling. Practice will focus on ALL styles of wrestling folkstyle wrestling. This program is geared toward those planning to compete in the upcoming season.
Pre- Season Practice: Wed 7:15pm to 830pm Sun: 6pm to 7:30pm
Dates: Sept 20th to Nov
Program Cost: $200; $150 for G2 Wrestling TEAM members
Registration open

G2 High School Wrestling - 2-3 practices per week & 3 Strength/Conditioning Workouts
Practices are geared toward beginner wrestlers learning the fundamentals of folkstyle wrestling. This program provides the optimal environment to help wrestlers learn the techniques to gain a competitive edge for next season. *Practice: TBD Wednesday 430pm-6pm or 715pm Mon/Wed Based on # of wrestlers
Workouts: Mon/Tu/Thur 430-530pm Dates: Sept 20th
Program Cost: $200
Registration OPEN

Payment options 1. Chase QuickPay 630.479.6304

Choose whichever option works best and enter the appropriate amount
$220 H.S Post Season
$220 8th Grade & Under
$150 G2 Developmental 

G2 Wrestling Club IKWF TEAM 2017-2018 Season
Dates: Nov 1st - March
Ages: 8th Grade and Under
**1st year wrestlers welcome, but must be deemed coachable and able to follow G2 wrestler code of conduct \to join the Competitive G2 Wrestling Team.
Cost will be $550 per wrestler includes: USA Wrestling Card, Uniform Voucher, G2 T-shirt
Practice Schedule:
Monday 715pm-845pm
Wednesday 715pm -845pm
Thurs 715pm - 845pm
1st Tournament Dec 3rd

G2 Year Round Wrestler Includes:
ALL ACCESS to G2 wrestling and conditioning programs
Wrestling practices available Sept thru 1st week of July (10+ months) 2-3 practices per week
Strength & Conditioning Program 12 months 3-4 workouts per week
Member of G2 Wrestling Club IKWF Team
Team training Apparell Package: Hoodie, T-shirt, Sweatpants
registration open between July-September
Paid in Full Required, not eligible for refunds
$1000 per wrestler, TOTAL VALUE $1480
No additional family discounts permitted

All wrestlers need a valid USA Wrestling Card. If you need to purchase one CLICK HERE.


G2 Fitness Programs:

G2 FIT is an ongoing program designed to get anyone (male or female) in GREAT shape! In this program you will train like an mma fighter, with Pro-MMA Fighter and Certified Personal Trainer: Dan Gilbert. Results are Gauranteed or Money Back! You will improve strength, conditioning, flexiblity and lose body Fat.  You will have progress assessments every 6 weeks. If you are an athletically minded competive person that enjoys a group/team dynamic that's not afraid of little sweat this program is for you! 
Recommended Equipment: wrestling or running shoes.  
Program Cost: $100 per month

Do you want to get started NOW?? We have options for you! Just call 630.479.6304 for more details

Personal Training is offered to help you get started with a new workout program, break thru your fitness plateau's and keep you accountable to your fitness goals. You'll receive frequent assessments to keep you on track, be challenged and motivated along the way and achieve results you may not have thought possible!
1 : 1 training = $50 per session
2 : 1 training = $25 per person per session 
MMA Programs:

No-Gi Submission Grappling Class is designed to teach you how to take the fight to the ground. Beginner to advanced grappling and juijitsu moves and techniques will be taught. You'll warm-up, learn new moves, drill and have the option to go live rounds. This class has no required equipment, but mouth guards and wrestling shoes are recommended. $80 per month for unlimited Grappling Classes.

Youth MMA class is a 60 min class focusing on the mma fundamentals of grappling and stand-up. Submissions, strikes, kicks and takedowns will be taught.
Recommended Equipment: Boxing or MMA Gloves, Mouth Guard, wrestling shoes
Program Cost: $100 per student per month

Stand-Up MMA Class is designed to teach you how to fight on your feet with your hands, feet, knees and elbows. Beginner to advanced striking combo's and techniques will be taught. This class requires 16 oz boxing gloves and a mouth guard. Shin Guards  and head gear are also highly recommended. Beginners will learn proper form and be allowed to lightly go give-take rounds. As you advance light  to live sparring rounds will become a natural progression.

Fighter Training (Conditioning, Ground and Stand-up Classes)
Whether you want to train to fight for the first time or you are an experienced professional MMA fighter, Gilbert Grappling will prepare you for your upcoming fight. Fighters are required to train exclusively at G2 for their MMA training and must represent their team, Gilbert Grappling when they fight. Fighter Training consists of classes, live rounds and conditioning. Required equipment: Mouth Guards, 16 oz gloves and Shin-Guards; also recommended: 4 oz mma gloves and head gear.

Private and Small Group Sessions Available. Pricing varies ranging from $50 to $100 per session.

Membership Options:
$100 per month for all access to Grappling, Boxing & Fighter Training

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